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Oil-Free Solutions

Airpac Bukom has successfully provided technically oil-free air solutions for LNG and Pipeline projects around the world.

Atmospheric air typically contains between 0.05mg/m³ and 0.5mg/m³ of oil vapour. Oil-free Air Compressors use large quantities of atmospheric air containing oil vapour which can cool and condense in the compressed air systems. Therefore, the use of oil-free Air Compressors does not guarantee oil-free air, the only way to achieve oil-free air is through filtration.

Airpac Bukom's solution is to couple our Air Compressors with a Desiccant Dryer, coolers and separators, as well as filtration and absorption equipment, which is all incorporated within the desiccant dryer unit. The air quality at discharge outlet will have a residual oil content of 0.01mg/m³ or 0.008ppm w/w at 21°C. 

Example Low Pressure Oil Free Rental Package - Blowing/Drying Solutions:

Example High Pressure Oil Free Rental Package - Pneumatic Testing Solutions:

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