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Airpac Bukom is a continually growing company with career opportunities around the globe. Please see below for the latest opportunities at Airpac Bukom or visit the Vp plc careers portal to look at opportunities within the Vp plc group of companies.

Current Vacancies:

Sorry, there are currently no vacancies.

It has come to the attention of Airpac Bukom that individuals misrepresenting themselves as Airpac Bukom agents or Vp plc representatives have offered fraudulent employment opportunities with the intent to steal personal information or solicit money from applicants wishing to work for us.

We ask that you please note:

  • Airpac Bukom will never send job offers from free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Airpac Bukom will never ask a potential employee for money as a term of employment or to pay for application processing fees.
  • Airpac Bukom will display all open vacancies on their website or on the Vp plc careers portal, if a position is not advertised, it is not a legitimate vacancy.
  • In the event Airpac Bukom uses a third party agency as part of its recruitment process, only established and reputable companies will be used.

We regret any inconvenience caused by the false representations made by these individuals, which are beyond our control. We shall not accept any liability for the representations made in any fraudulent communication or the consequences suffered as result of these. Fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by Airpac Bukom or its parent company Vp plc.